Pr. Paul & Karen Brady

Our Pastors

Born in Northern Ireland, Paul and Karen Brady are two of those God has called from another land to America for the purposes of His Kingdom. The Bradys are founders and pastors of Living Rivers Millennial Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and they minister with a strong apostolic and prophetic anointing. They are pioneers. Igniters. Mobilizers. Shifters of spiritual atmospheres. They are Holy Ghost consultants and coaches, empowered to unlock and break open whatever is needed to bring people’s lives, churches, and regions into alignment with God’s plans and purposes. Their unified focus is to activate and equip the Body of Christ to help usher in the great last-days move of God before the return of Jesus Christ. 

Pioneering a fresh work in the latter part of 1999, the Bradys began at the leading of the Holy Spirit to raise up an army of believers who actively exercise their covenant rights and hold fast to a fearless trust in their Commander and Chief, the Lord Jesus Christ. Living Rivers Ministries was born, founded upon Ezekiel 47:9: “…Everything shall live wherever the river goes.” 

More than a decade of fruitful Kingdom work followed in their homeland, including countless transformed lives and the founding of three works. Then the Bradys sensed a major shift on the horizon as the next part of the assignment unfolded: “Move from Northern Ireland to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and create a hub for My Spirit to move.” 

Besides pastoring the hub called Millennial in Tulsa, Paul and Karen Brady also provide apostolic and pastoral oversight to Living Rivers Hostel in Ballymena, Northern Ireland; Living Rivers Busia in Kenya; and Living Rivers Southland Church in Brisbane, Australia. Prayer is a strong focal point of their ministry as they train and mobilize strong Word-based and Spirit-led pray-ers across the nations. The Bradys’ ministry has a global vision that has expanded beyond the borders of the local church to impact thousands of people throughout the continents of the world.