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+1 (918) 924-6509

Church Location:

SpiritBank Event Center
10441 S Regal Blvd Tulsa, OK 74133

Living Rivers USA
P.O. Box 470371, Tulsa OK 74147


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Our Schedule

  • Sunday

    7 A.M. Prayer
    8 A.M. Prayer Lab
    9 A.M. Prayer School
    10 A.M. Celebration
    10 A.M. 4-13yrs Children’s Ministry
    10 A.M. 0-3yrs Supervised Nursery
    10 A.M. 0-2yrs
    10 A.M. 3-4yrs
    10 A.M. 5yr-5th grade
    6 P.M. Flow
  • Monday - Friday

    12:00 P.M. Noon Prayer for the Nation
    1:00 P.M. Prayer for the Hub

  • Tuesday

    7 P.M. Prayer
    7 P.M. Brave 3-4th grade
    7 P.M. Valor 5th-6th grade
    7 P.M. Youth 13+yrs
    7 P.M. Nursery

  • Thursday

    6 A.M. Early morning prayer

  • Fire Weekend

    Every last weekend of each month.

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