The Children’s Ministry of Millennial Tulsa is an energetic, happy, love-filled place to be! Our focus is to equip and encourage children to become the Superheroes God created them to be for such a time as this.
We create an atmosphere for children to have fun together as they grow in the things of God. Every week, we play games and do activities that correspond with the lesson being taught. It’s amazing to see how the Holy Spirit works seals the Word in their spirits in unique, memorable ways!
Our desire is to consistently demonstrate the love of God to our children so they will not only learn about Jesus, but also experience Him. We teach the Word of God by the Spirit of God — not watered down, but simplified and easy to understand.
In Millennial, we fully expect and give place for God to fulfill His promise to pour out His Spirit on ALL flesh (Joel 2:28)—and that includes the young of all ages. We are training our children to be disciples who stand strong, victorious, and mighty in God’s Kingdom as a vital part of the end-time Church.
In Millennial Church, with the love of God as our sure foundation, our Children’s Ministry exists for one purpose: To teach children how to know Jesus and to make Him known!

Sunday AM Classes:
Nursery 0-2 Years Old
Toddlers 3 & 4 Years Old
Kids Church 5 years old—4th Grade

1st & 3rd Sunday of each month
Brave 5th & 6th Grade

Tuesday PM Classes:
Nursery 0-3 Years Old
Valor 4 years—4th Grade
Brave 5th & 6th Grade
Youth 13 Years old—12th Grade
The heart of our mission is to equip young people to have a successful relationship with God.  We believe in the overwhelming potential of young people and their capacity to influence the world around them.

There is a generation rising that is PURE — untainted and free from the contamination of this world. Our goal is strengthen these young men and women, building a solid foundation of character within them so they are empowered to know their God, to be uncompromising standard bearers in His Name, and to do bold exploits for His glory.

Our youth group — for ages 12-17 years old — is named PURE because that defines the attitude and the approach we hold as a core value in who we are and what we do publicly and privately. That’s why we emphasize the importance of solid relationships—with God and with one another. In the context of pure, healthy relationships, wisdom and love become the guiding forces that build the character needed to support the call and purpose of God upon their lives.

Every Tuesday at 7pm and the last sunday of every month at 6pm.
We are so excited to announce the beginning of Millennial Young Adults! We have anointed and set apart Taylor Jenkins and Karrissa Jenkins to be over this ministry, and we are expectant of all God has in store for this generation!

"Kenneth E. Hagin prophesied that if the upcoming generations weren't taught to flow with the Spirit of God, that knowledge would be lost. We are excited to preach the power of the Holy Spirit and to help steward the move of God here at Millennial. We believe people in this age group are going to be coming home to the things of God!"
- Taylor and Karrissa"

Thursdays at 7:30pm

Chesalon is a place for mature ladies to be strengthened, encouraged and equipped to do life beautifully! Flourishing in the knowledge that they are unconditionally loved by the King! The Scripture Chesalon was birthed from is Psalm 31:24 TM. “Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up!”

God has met those that have attended on every level and brought wholeness and healing to body, and soul, and brings refreshing to their spirit.

Chesalon meets the last Thursday of each month.